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Old Tunyai Clinic Pic_edited.png

Tunyai Clinic Project

In 2019, the Nazareth Sisters of the Annunciation opened a new dispensary (medical clinic) in the semi-arid rural community of Tunyai, Kenya. The St. Anthony Dispensary has been busy from day one - the sisters currently see 15 - 25 patients daily (250 - 350 patients monthly). Presently, the clinic has a tin roof, half-walls, and dirt floors as shown. In 2022, we began efforts to raise the funds needed to build a better facility to care for these patients.

Building a Better Clinic to Serve the People of Tunyai

The Nazareth Sisters of the Annunciation-USA Board worked with the sisters in Kenya to design and equip a clinic to meet the needs of the people they serve. A final budget of $150,000 was set to construct a new permanent clinic structure, furnish and equip the clinic, purchase a van to meet the transportation needs of the clinic, and to provide much-needed water to the clinic site. When the $65,000 needed to build a new clinic was raised by the end of 2023, construction was started in January 2024. Construction of the new clinic should be complete by the fall of 2024. The attached picture shows progress with clinic construction as of June 1, 2024.

New Clinic Pic 6-1-2024_edited.jpg

The Board is now working to raise the funds needed to properly furnish and equip the new clinic and to address transportation and water needs at the site. There is a need for a van to transport supplies to the clinic and to occasionally transport sicker patients to the nearest appropriate hospital (12-15 miles away). There is also a need to provide water access to the clinic by drilling a bore hole and then pumping the water. The Board needs to raise $85,000 to complete this phase of the project.

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