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The Three Pillars
of the Nazareth Sisters

Vowed Committed Nuns

There are many vowed committed nuns working in the different ministries of the order. Many of these sisters lack education. They need to further their education to upgrade their skills to better care for those in need and to better educate the children they teach.


Nazareth Sisters celebrating the feast of the Annunciation on March 25, 2021.

Young Women in Formation

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There are postulants waiting to be accepted into the Novitiate and additional women in formation, waiting to commit their lives to the Lord. In August 2020, nine Nazareth sisters received their first vows and seven sisters received their perpetual vows and committed their lives to Jesus Christ. Most of these sisters join the Order after high school. The Order cannot afford to pay for them to go to Universities to help them acquire additional knowledge and skills that would better equip them to carry out their ministry.

Candidates waiting and discerning to enter the Nazareth Sisters.

Elderly Nazareth Members

The elderly sisters are the real pillars of the Congregation. Their knowledge and experience and counseling of the younger sisters and women in formation is critical to the success of the order. Unfortunately, the elderly sisters often lack good nutrition and access to basic medical care. There is no retirement home to care for them and to uplift their wellbeing.

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Picture of elderly Nazareth Sisters taken June 14, 2020.

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